Beijing Pubic Transport Holdings. Ltd (BPT) Head Office is a large state-owned enterprise that deals mainly with the operation of ground public transportation. As of the end of 2009, BPT has a fleet of 27,963 operating vehicles of various kinds, plying 882 bus routes with an annual mileage and passenger trips topping 1.862 billion km and 50.3 hundred million respectively. Compared to 1949, there were only 164 buses in Beijing, serving not more than 11 routes measuring 76.7 km in total.

Along with the rise of new China come the development of township expansion and roads, heralding an unprecedented transformation in the pubic transportation in Beijing. The exponential development as a result of the open economy saw denser travelling routes and escalated number of vehicles on the road. Vehicle comfort has been made optimum in the country, as Beijing strives to become an international metropolis. The following data clearly shows the accelerated growth of Beijing public transportation in the new China.

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